glory be inside the wandering. fna is an experiment in sound and idea, this moment, this movement, with urgency.

♥ Glory

Compelled, draw near to this passageway.
It is a safe harbor within words and worlds, rotating and pulsating at all times
behind the worries and misfortunes so much easier to dwell on.
But in this darkened hallway, I see doorways cracked open 
with slivers of hope dancing out into the dampness where
we trudge.
Open windows too bring in the breeze, but no fair light touches their ledge.
No, this way is easy and over too quickly; don't even try to look out the windows.
Symphony behind compels against the truth.
I don't even dance, but am drawn to consider bathing a moment
in reflective pose, in a small waltz to stall my heart
in its own placidity; in a foretaste of mediocre wandering.
Soft hands tell a big story.
Don't even trust this flurried meandering; 
when ultimate consideration is left to itself, not much comes through but
muddied dreams and a phishing for Andy Dufresne's fortitude
How many times have you looked at the night sky?
Dulled to death in repetitious phrases.
Glory be. Glory be.

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