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with atrophy

I want to believe. Here we go again down the stream of fna-consciousness. Come along as I venture to crucify complacency.


Bonus Instrumental: An irregular pulse from Nahre Sol. Auras kindled; embellishment added.

the truth anew

Will you join me on another excursion into the undertow? Will you be with me as season 2 of the fna show emerges from the tepid afterbirth of many years of meandering? Come along as I venture to crucify complacency.

the creative undertow

An examination of the creative undertow that continues to be a welcomed, though frightening influence in my life.

fna 2019 trailer

What is the fna show? That depends on when we currently are. This is roughly what it is in 2019.

fna teaser

more fna coming soon

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